Outright Media Fraud=> Liberal Media Rescues Hillary – Fakes Photo of Her Tiny Florida Crowd

This was outright media fraud.
The Communists in Venezuela are famous for this – crop or Photoshop a crowd to make it look like a huge gathering.

And the liberal US media has perfected this tactic for candidate Hillary Clinton.
The Hillary campaign did not get the turnout numbers they hoped for in Florida today.

So the media posted this photo to make it look like it was a massively successful event.
Via The Hill:
hillary florida


This photo was from Hillary Clinton’s victory speech after the New York primary – one of her most crowded events this year.

Here is another picture of the crowd before Hillary took the stage.
st. petersburg hillary

It was near empty–

And when Hillary took the stage she was wearing an orange pantsuit – not a tan pantsuit.

Conservative Treehouse has more photos.

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