Hotbox In Connecticut: Media Feels Heat From Trump Supporters at Massive Rally

The media covering a rally held by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Saturday night in Fairfield, Connecticut took to Twitter to voice their concerns about Trump supporters’ criticisms of the job they are doing covering the campaign.

Trump called out the media several times during the rally, saying he was “not running against Crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media.”

The crowd reportedly chanted toward the media. “Lock them up!”


The college building where the rally was held, the William H. Pitt Center located at the Campus of Sacred Heart University, lost its air conditioning for much of the rally on one of the hottest days of summer in Connecticut.

“”It’s about 190 degrees in this room” – Trump”

[email protected] snapped this photo from tonight’s Trump rally in Fairfield – man gesturing towards press pen:”

“Yeesh. About five separate instances of people coming up to press pen to tell us how much they hate us (or some variation.)”

“From when the Trump crowd started chanting “Lock Them Up” at the media pen. Not pictured: the guy’s middle finger”

“A slice of what it’s like in the pen post Trump rally. Keep in mind, we sit in a campaign mandated fish bowl.”

“”LIARS.” A girl says to us. I cant help but crack a smile. “Oh, you’re laughing? Think it’s funny.””

“Woman as she exits rally comes up to press pen. “Boo!” “Liars!” ( with Thumbs down)”

“As Trump slams media harder than ever on campaign trail, ppl coming up to yell at us after the rally has become increasingly common”

“This man who was shouting “liars!” w/ hand in shape of “L” (normally for loser) stopped as soon as I began filming”

“Three attractions at Trump rallies it seems: Trump, protestors, & the media”

“Trump “I’m not running against Crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media.” Crowd turns to yell at press area.”

“We’re now on four times Trump has prompted the crowd to turn and yell at the press risers where reporters are sitting.”

“Trump says “crooked CNN” and the crowd again turns to the press and boos and points.”

“Trump takes another swipe at the press and heckles CNN. I’ve lost count of the times he’s turned the crowd’s ire on the press here.”

Why are Trump supporters upset with the media. Maybe it is because, for example, Trump is smeared by the press as a baby-hater, then criticized for defending himself.

“You’re not going to believe this. Trump is again saying that he didn’t throw a baby out of his rally that was 12 days ago.”

“Here is Trump bringing up the Baby Heard Around The World in Connecticut tonight 12 days since the incident:”

“Trump threatens to take @nytimes press credentials crowd roars in approval.”

“Ppl waited for hours in this sauna to see Trump. He trashes the media instead of talking policy. No one seems to mind.”

“Trump in summation: Media is scum, Clinton is crooked, Obama is the founder errr MVP of ISIS, Don’t worry I’m going to make things great.”

One person praised the media:

“Woman stops by the press pen to tell us “I listen to you. I value freedom of the press.””

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