ISIS Boils Six Men in Tar – As Allah Wills It

A source in Ninevah province told reporters the Islamic state boiled six men in vats of tar after they were accused of spying.

isis tar

The act was carried out by a holy Sharia court in Mosul.
The Daily Mail reported, via Religion of Peace:

Six people have been put to death by Isis – by being immersed in boiling vats of tar, it’s been reported.

The gruesome act was carried out in public at an Isis command centre in al-Shora in Iraq, ‘with the aim of inciting fear among the citizens’.

The six, from Mosul, were accused by Isis of being spies for the Iraqi government.

A source told Iraqi News: ‘Isis executed six persons in Mosul for collaborating with Nineveh Operations Command. The death sentence was issued [by an] Isis Sharia Court.

The six persons were placed inside tanks containing boiling tar and the execution was carried out in one of Isis headquarters at al-Shora. The execution took place… with an aim of inciting fear among the citizens.’

The grotesque act follows evidence being revealed that Isis has been using mustard gas on the front line in Iraq.

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