Ambassador Bolton on Hillary: “There’s Something Here We Don’t Know About – I’ve Never Seen it Before” (VIDEO)

Former Ambassador John Bolton was on with Lou Dobbs on Tuesday to discuss Hillary Clinton’s health concerns.
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Lou Dobbs showed video of Hillary’s handler jumping on stage and telling her to speak at her Denver convention.

The former UN Ambassador said “there’s something here we don’t know about” with Hillary Clinton’s fragile health that we’re not being told.


Lou Dobbs: The man, ostensibly a Secret Service agent, we have found out subsequently that he’s a medical doctor who was there apparently attending to the Democratic nominee. Your reaction on what you saw and whether or not it suggests that we need to know far more about her medical condition.

Ambassador John Bolton: Well, I’ve never seen anything like it before. I mean, presidential candidates are confronted with hecklers and demonstrators in their audiences all the time. And quite properly we ask the Secret Service to do what’s necessary to protect them. But I’ve never seen a stage manager come on to a stage like that directing agents around. If he wasn’t Secret Service who was he to tell these people, agents clearly, to move away and let the speech continue. There’s something here we don’t know about and I said I’ve never seen it before.

Via Lou Dobbs:

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