Democrat Party Is Paying Heckler to Follow Trump at Rallies

Last week in Detroit 14 different far left protesters interrupted and started screaming in intervals during Donald Trump’s economic policy speech in Detroit, Michigan.

After about the 10th protester Donald Trump mocked the Hillary hecklers.

“Thank you. I will say the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit. I will say it.”

Trump was right.
The Hillary protesters do not have much energy or spirit.


That’s why the Democrat Party has started paying a heckler to dog Donald Trump at his very popular and massive rallies.

We Are Change reported:

The Democratic Party has hired a heckler to follow Donald Trump on the campaign trail — since protests against him have fizzled along with the excitement over their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

trump duck

In an effort to get Trump to release his tax returns (while Clinton continues to ignore calls to release her Wall Street transcripts, health records, and deleted emails) the party has resorted to sending a mascot dressed as Donald Duck to stand petulantly outside of Trump Tower in New York.

Hillary Clinton – who deleted over 30,000 emails – wants billionaire Trump to release his taxes… so the media can pick through it and find a few gotcha stories.

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