AMAZING VIDEO=> Black Guns Matter Leader on How Democrats Are Trying to Disarm Black Communities

Street journalist Rebel Pundit spoke with Maj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter, a firearm training and education organization based in Philadelphia during the DNC Convention.

Toure says, the movement against firearm owners is driven by a few elites at the top.

Maj Toure: It ain’t society, it’s a few people at the top trying to de-arm urban communities. They young people, you see they’re rocking the T-shirts that we gave them because you can see they understand the importance of a firearm being central to American culture. You know the Founding Fathers spit that how many hundred of years ago. Studies, the university of Pittsburgh did one, I tweeted it today…

Rebel Pundit: Does gun ownership make a community safer, you feel?

Maj Toure: I don’t feel, I know. It’s not committed by card-carrying good guys and card-carrying good girls. We’re very technical people because if you do something wrong you get your hand blown off or your head blown off.

raj toure

Rebel Pundit: How do you feel about the Democrat Party’s position on guns? Hillary and Bernie themselves?

Maj Toure: I think anybody has the right to be as foolish as they want to be.

Maj argues that firearm ownership makes the community safer.
This is a GREAT video–


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