Video: Zapatista Mexican Rebels Hang Trump in Effigy at Denver Protest

Where’s the outrage?
Photos and Video taken by Denver reporters show presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hung with a noose in effigy at a protest outside a speech Friday morning in Denver to be given by Trump to the Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center.

“Donald Trump Campaign stop in Denver, July 1, 2016 [PHOTOS] via @denverpost”


KOA-AM/FM posted a photo of the Trump effigy that shows an older man holding it wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the red star logo of the communist Zapatista Mexican rebels, EZLN.

“Trump protesters now in front of the CO Convention Ctr.#trump #westernconservativesummit”

Matthew Bell with Denver’s 9News (KUSA/KTVD-TV) posted several video clips to Twitter of the protest at the

In addition to the Trump effigy being paraded around, other video clips by Bell shows Black Bloc protesters gathered alongside Che Guevara t-shirt wearing protesters.

“Trump effigy at the coven toon center #9newsmornings”

The crowd’s getting bigger outside the convention center. Still fairly quiet though. #9newsmornings

Meanwhile Black Bloc protesters were photographed by KOA-AM/FM holding a banner referencing the violent attack on by leftists on white nationalist protesters in Sacramento last week. The banner reads, “From Denver to Sac, Stab a Nazi in the Back.”

“Occupy Denver protesters have shown up outside the convention Ctr. #Trump #westernconservativevsummit”

The Left sees all Trump supporters and Republicans as Nazis, so hopefully Denver police officers are checking the Black Bloc protesters for weapons.

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