Ted Cruz, Romney and Kasich Still Hoping #NeverTrumpers Will Steal Nomination from Trump at RNC

The #NeverTrump pro-Hillary Clinton movement is still alive and well.
They are still hoping to steal the nomination from Trump and help criminal Hillary Clinton win the election in November.

Donald Trump broke several records this year in the Republican primary.
trump record votes

Senator Ted Cruz, a former Canadian who has still not endorsed Donald Trump, is hoping the RNC delegates will steal the nomination from Trump and ask him to be the party’s nominee. Mitt Romney and Governor John Kasich are also showing interest in being the Republican nominee if delegates hold a coup at the convention.


Breitbart.com reported:

The rebels need to get 306 of Trump’s 1,542 delegates to defect in order to keep him below the majority threshold of 1,237.

Thomson said that the rebels have “in the ballpark” of 400 delegates supporting them, but not all of those delegates are pledged to Trump. “We’re not releasing those numbers,” she said. Thomson said that she has not spoken to anyone in the Cruz campaign about whether Cruz is planning to re-enter the race, but noted that “any smart candidate at this point would be looking at the options.” Mitt Romney expressed interest this week in running again. John Kasich’s chief strategist sent out a memo showing Kasich doing well in polling against Clinton.

Unruh said that her movement now has “thousands of volunteers on board that are lobbying our own delegates … we now have staff that can actually meet Donald Trump head-to-head with a floor whip operation on the convention floor. And now we have money.” Unruh would not reveal the source of the cash, but Thomson said that anti-Trump PACs like Cruz supporter Steve Lonegan’s Courageous Conservatives PAC are pitching their own money into the effort.

Unruh revealed that Dane Waters is going to run the rebel floor game. Waters is the president of the Citizens in Charge Foundation, which counts #NeverTrump rebel Eric O’Keefe, a Cruz supporter, as a board member. Other rebels include Lonegan, Iowa radio host Steve Deace — who is providing delegate information to the cause — Rubio bundler James Lamb, and former New Hampshire U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey. Unruh said that Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol planned to join a rebel conference call, but Thomson said that Kristol is not involved in the plot in an operational way.

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