Speaker Ryan Defends Fence Around His Home – But Not One on the US Border

Speaker Paul Ryan won’t fund a border fence on the US southern border but built his own border fence around his own property in Wisconsin.
ryan border fence

Ryan passed a trillion dollar bill yesterday that gave Obama and Democrats everything they wanted. The Republican Speaker funded sanctuary cities and included over a billion dollars to resettle illegal immigrants inside the US.

This week Speaker Paul Ryan defended having a wall around his home but not one on the border.
Breitbart.com repoted:


House Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to defend his decision to have a personal border wall to protect his home, while refusing to build a border wall to protect America.
Ryan says that the reason he needs a personal border wall is because he has three children.

“Having a backyard fence for three dogs and three kids is not a half-bad idea,” Ryan said during his Monday interview with Wisconsin’s NBC15.

Although Ryan made clear that his children are entitled to play, live and grow up in an environment that’s shielded from external threats, he did not seem sold on the idea that the rest of America’s children should be afforded such protections. When asked if he intended to make “building a wall part of the GOP agenda,” Ryan would not answer.

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