NOTE TO SANDERS SUPPORTERS: Bernie Would Have Won If Not for Super Delegate System!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

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The Democrat National Convention (DNC) starts this week. By the end of the week Hillary Clinton will be crowned the Democrat Candidate for President in spite of the many scandals surrounding her and her husband. The Clinton Foundation is a money laundering machine. Hillary’s email scandal is the most corrupt investigation in US history. Benghazi was murder, etc… But by the numbers, she is a horrible candidate as well.

7-20 Wins

Hillary won only 28 states in the primary season or only 56% . Bernie Sanders won nearly as much as her (22 for 44% ). By comparison Donald Trump won 37 states or 74% of the 50 states and he had 16 bona fide candidates to run against versus the socialist Sanders.

Hillary would not have beaten Bernie if not for the super delegates Hillary coerced into voting for her.

7-20 Delegates

Trump won 125% of the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. Clinton however only won 118% of the delegates needed. But this number is deceiving due to the super delegates she won. Super delegates are not representational votes but rather are votes from individuals that can be cast any way they want and no doubt these delegates can be swayed. Sanders won 84% of the delegates that Hillary won but he gained only 8% of the number of super delegates she collected!

If it were reverse and Sanders won the same number of super delegates as Hillary, Sanders would have won the nomination.

7-20 Votes

Trump received more than 14 million votes in the elections according to  As a result Trump won 2 million more votes than any candidate in Republican history.  Hillary however received only 94% of the record number of votes from the 2008 Democrat primary season.

The Democrat Party received 7 million votes less than in 2008! Republicans received a record 11 million more votes than in 2008.

These results are all consistent with the terrible candidate Democrats have in Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, Republicans are only starting to realize the incredible candidate they have in Donald Trump.


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