Fellow Reporters Amazed at Large Security Phalanx Guarding Megyn Kelly at RNC Convention

Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly is being protected by a phalanx of security guards as she moves about the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week.

Kelly’s astonished fellow reporters posted about the unusual size of the protection for Kelly.

“Biggest security phalanx I’ve encountered in arena so far: for Megyn Kelly”


“Megyn walked into convention hall and fox set totally surrounded by security and not saying a word”

A brief video clip shows the phalanx clearing a path for Kelly.

“Lots of security around Megyn Kelly”

A photo from Wednesday night shows the phalanx in action protecting a stone-faced Kelly in the controversial party outfit worn for broadcast.

“Security team running interference for Megyn Kelly as she makes her way into the Q. #RNCinCLE”

Last April Kelley spoke with CBS Sunday Morning about threats she had received as a result of her then-feud with Donald Trump.

“Megyn Kelly, the Fox News Channel journalist who has attracted the insistent ire of Donald Trump following a public spat with the GOP front-runner at a debate last August, said she has received death threats in the months since the squabble’s start.

“Yes,” Kelly said in a “CBS Sunday Morning” interview when asked if “threats against her life” had been made. “It’s not that I’m worried someone’s actually going to come shoot me down. But I do worry someone’s going to try to hurt me in the presence of my children.”

“He gins up anger among so many. So it manifests in my life in several ways,” she added.

Kelly, nevertheless, said she felt it was “unfortunate” to have become “part of the story.”

Variety reported this week that an alleged claim by Kelly that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her years ago was “the final straw” that led to Ailes’ ouster from Fox in the wake of a sexual harassment suit by former Fox host Gretchen Carlson.

The Final Straw for Roger Ailes at Fox News Forces Murdochs to Take Action

While Ailes saw at least a dozen current and former staffers publicly support him, another line began forming behind Carlson in the days after her lawsuit was filed: Multiple women gave interviews to New York magazine in which they shared their own allegations of sexual harassment against Ailes that go back decades. But throughout these dueling testimonies, the focus increased on Kelly, who maintained silence as her representatives were in talks with the network over the possibility of her continuing to work there.

But when a report surfaced July 19 alleging that Kelly had also disclosed a sexual harassment incident to investigators conducting an internal review of Ailes at 
the Murdochs’ behest, Ailes’ fate appeared 
to be sealed.”

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