GROSS: RNC Protesters Now Reportedly Throwing Urine

RNC protesters

A perfect storm of idiotic protesters is taking shape outside the Republican National Convention and there are now reports of bottles of urine being thrown.

The New York Post has the story:

RNC protesters are getting vile

Police broke up skirmishes between groups of demonstrators a few blocks from the Republican National Convention as large crowds formed Tuesday afternoon. There was no immediate word on any arrests or injuries.

Members of the KKK, Black Lives Matter, and Westboro Baptist Church reportedly threw urine at each other and police had to step in in an attempt to keep the peace, a police spokesperson told KPLC.

A scuffle also broke out when conspiracy theorist and radio show host Alex Jones started speaking in downtown’s Public Square. Police on bicycles pushed back a surging crowd, and Jones was whisked away.

Minutes later, more officers on bicycles formed a line between a conservative religious group and a communist-leaning organization carrying a sign that read, “America Was Never Great.”

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered but appeared to be outnumbered by police and members of the news media. Hundreds of officers arrayed in five lines kept pockets of protesters separated.

During the 2008 Republican Convention, a leftist group was arrested and buckets of urine were discovered at their headquarters. They were planning to throw it at attendees. Why is the left obsessed with urine?

And another question…

How do all these people have the time and money to go to Cleveland and protest for days?


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