DRUDGE REPORT: “Megyn Kelly Twists Knife into Ailes”

megyn ailes

Roger Ailes gave Megyn Kelly the PRIME SPOT in the nightly lineup following Bill O’Reilly and the top ranked show in cable news.

What does he get in return?
A knife in the back!

Megyn Kelly accused Ailes of sexual harassment.
Good grief.
Deadline reported:

Fox News boss Roger Ailes is negotiating his exit, Deadline has confirmed.

Blogger Matt Drudge put up a headline at the top of his popular aggregation website The Drudge Report this afternoon that Ailes will exit the company with a “$40+ million parachute.” There is no link to a story, but a source subsequently told Deadline that Ailes is in exit talks, saying terms of the settlement are being hammered out tonight.

“With internal allegations mounting, it was deemed time for him to go,” the well-placed source said.

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