Democratic Party Bars Two Convention Delegates From Vermont Because They’re Men

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The Democratic Party is so obsessed with fairness and gender equity that they will treat some people unfairly based purely on their gender.

The Democrats are actually barring two delegates from Vermont from their national convention next week for the simple fact that they’re men.

The Washington Examiner reports:


DNC replaces two Vermont delegates — because they’re men

The Democratic National Convention ordered the state party of Vermont to replace two delegates — because they’re men.

State Sen. Tim Ashe and party insider Ken Dean were ordered to be replaced by the DNC so that the party could achieve a gender balance. Dean and Ashe have filed a formal complaint with the DNC’s credentials committee, according to the Associated Press.

Dean and Ashe were elected by the people of Vermont to serve as delegates on June 11. Everything was fine until July 5, when the DNC ordered the state party to replace the two men with women.

This is not gender balance, it’s a false attempt by the DNC to make the party appear more balanced than it is. The people wanted these two men, who are both well-known and respected in the state, to go to the convention. Instead, they will be replaced by two women for the sake of gender balance.

This shows what a sham the DNC’s alleged moral high ground on gender issues is. The Left constantly complains about there not being enough women in office, but neglect the fact that the people are making the decision. And the people of Vermont chose these two men, but because the DNC wants to be able to hype how diverse and inclusive it is, the men were replaced with women.

This is the sort of backwards thinking that makes Progressives a parody of themselves.

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