Violent Leftist Who Jumped Fence and Stormed Trump on Stage Asks Court for Permission to Attend RNC

Bernie supporter Thomas DiMassimo jumped a security fence and rushed the stage at a Donald Trump rally in Dayton, Ohio in March.
trump dayton thug

DiMassimo rushed past Secret Service and stormed Donald Trump on stage.

Dimassimo, a Bernie Sanders supporter, wanted to be a martyr and THREATENED MURDER.
Via Danger and Play:
bando martyr


For some reason the media did not blame Bernie for this loon’s violent actions. They only do this to Trump and his supporters.

His Twitter account has since been erased.
bando tweet
On Thursday Tom Dimassimo threatened to attend Saturday rally and spit on Trump.

Now Thomas DiMassimo wants to attend the RNC in Cleveland.
ABC News reported:

A college student awaiting federal trial on a charge he tried to rush the stage at a Donald Trump rally asked for court permission Wednesday to go to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention featuring Trump as its presumptive presidential nominee.

In the motion, Thomas DiMassimo swears he will abide by federal and local laws while at the July 18-21 convention. Judge Sharon Ovington didn’t rule immediately. DiMassimo’s attorney declined to comment, citing the judge’s admonition to both sides not to discuss the case publicly.

The Wright State University student was arrested March 12 at a Dayton-area rally at an airport hangar, touching the stage while Trump was speaking before Secret Service and other security agents converged.

He has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of illegally entering a restricted area, which carries a potential one-year sentence and fines if convicted. Trial is scheduled for Aug. 29 in Dayton.

DiMassimo, 22, has said he wanted to grab the microphone at the event to show people they could stand up to Trump. Trump praised the Secret Service for acting so quickly and called DiMassimo a “maniac” on Twitter after the rally, which was his first after well-organized students succeeded in keeping him from taking the stage for a Chicago event.

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