WITNESS: White Kid Chased, Tackled at Trump Rally Had Been Beaten Before He Tried to Run From Mob

The teenage white male Trump supporter who was seen on ABC News video being chased and tackled by a Black Muslim male, identified as Seyfudin Mohamud, had been beaten and his hat was stolen by the anti-Trump mob before he tried running away from his attackers, according to a person who claims to have witnessed the attack.

Seyfudin Mohamud tackles teen Trump supporter after anti-Trump mob chased him though downtown San Jose.

The claim was made on 4chan:

Trump Supporter Attacked 4chan

LMAO, this is on /pol/?

LOL i was there i saw the whole thing.

they stole his hat and punched him a few times
the funniest part was when the white kid was trying to jump into a moving firetruck he was scared for his life, i have the video, give me some (yous) and ill upload here, here screen shot but who wants me to upload it

The 4chan poster posted a photo with the comment of the Trump supporter looking stunned.

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter

The 4chan poster also posted a thumbnail photo of the young Trump supporter getting sucker-punched from behind.

Trump Supporter Attacked Twitter Two

thanks for the (you’s)

im curently uploading the raw video file , in the mean time here is another clear footage of a fight that broke out

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI2IteYiKcI [Embed]

pic related is the poor kid getting punched in the back of the head, by a nigga

4chan screen images by ace researcher Emily Bourie.

Several videos show the attack, one from up close and the other from a distance. However neither shows the initial attacks on the Trump supporter. Both videos pick up about the same time in the attack as the Trump supporter is checking the back of his head as he starts to flee the mob.


This video contains a longer version of the chase and confirms the claim the Trump supporter tried to escape by climbing on a firetruck.


san jose screengrab police

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia used a photo of the young victim in a SJPD Facebook post that promised on to seek justice for those attacked in Thursday’s anti-Trump riot. As of this posting the San Jose police have not responded to inquiries as to whether Seyfudin Mohamud had been questioned or arrested for his attack on the young Trump supporter. There are no media reports on whether Mohamud has been arrested.

Video of the victim before the attack shows him acting in a civil, non-confrontational manner as he engages an anti-Trump protester.

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