SURPRISE! Elizabeth Warren Donors Include People Who Represent Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren face

Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Hillary “Wall Street” Clinton has already proved that she’s a fraud but a new report from the Washington Free Beacon about some of Warren’s donors really drives the point home.

From the report:

Warren’s Top Donors Include Individuals From Firms That Represent Corporations

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the securities and investment sector.

Individuals working at law firms that represent major corporations and the Wall Street interests Warren condemns are also among her top financial backers.

Warren has long positioned herself as a blue-collar champion who takes on corporations and Wall Street interests, leading some to question how she can back Hillary Clinton. Clinton has collected $32 million from the securities and investment industry this election cycle, the most of any industry, on top of the $15 million the industry gave to her campaign for U.S. senator and the millions the Clintons have pocketed from their six-figure speeches to Wall Street.

Warren isn’t free from the industry either. Since she ran for Congress in 2011, she has collected more than $630,000 from individuals in the securities and investment industry, making it the sixth highest industry in political donations to her campaigns.

Warren also has received major backing from lawyers and law firms that represent Wall Street interests. $2.3 million in contributions have poured from the sector to her campaign’s coffers, the second most of any industry only behind those who are retired.

The mainstream media would report this but they’re too busy cheering for Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on Donald Trump. That’s not an exaggeration either. People in media are actually cheering for Warren.


What media bias?

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