Rush Limbaugh: Kristol’s Third Party Guy Is There to Stop Trump – Notice He’s Not There to Stop Hillary

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the third party candidates who are running to take down Donald Trump. Bill Kristol announced his third party candidate on Tuesday – a second tier National Review contributor who no one has ever heard of.

kristol french

Rush said the third party players this year are there to take out Trump not Hillary.
That’s the goal.
Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Okay, so Bill Kristol has named his third-party godsend to save us all from Trump: David French, a writer at National Review. Why not Jonah Goldberg? Why not Andy McCarthy? There are a lot of writers. French is a good guy. I don’t know him. I’ve read his stuff. I’ve cited his stuff on this program. He’s a lawyer, lives in Tennessee somewhere. And we’ll have more discussion on this. It’s obviously not being done for French to actually win. There’s something else going on. (interruption) Why doesn’t Kristol run? No, no, no. He’s above that. I mean, Kristol as a candidate, what a step down, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Kristol is a manager of events and people and results. He’s not a contestant. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Also, John Fund tweeted out that the Libertarian godsend, the Libertarian Mighty Mouse save-the-day character has got $15,000 in the bank. What’s his name, Gary Johnson. Folks, I’m not mocking here. Don’t misunderstand the tone in my voice. I’m just sharing with you the data. Fund tweets that his $15,000 in the bank and $307,000 in debt or some such thing or has had $307,000 in FEC fines. The point is these third-party candidates don’t have anything. But if, for example, what if Hillary isn’t the nominee?

If they take Hillary out before the Democrat convention and they almost have to give it to Crazy Bernie, which they don’t want to do. If they take Hillary out, like if she gets indicted by the FBI or some such thing as that, or if Obama finally lowers the boom, however that would happen, after the convention, then they could maybe plug in Plugs, plug in Biden, after the convention, after Bernie’s people have disbanded. There’s nothing to protest, burn down, whatever.

If you have three or four people in the race and these independent guys, remember, they’re not there to win. They’re just there to disrupt and maybe pull off a couple other objectives. The Kristol third-party guy is there designed to stop Trump however. The third-party, Gary Johnson, Libertarian, designed to stop Trump. Notice nobody is designing anything to stop Hillary here. That’s the thing that’s concerning to me. Anyway, there’s all kinds of scenarios that we’ll go over as the program unfolds today.

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