Paris ISIS Jidadi Practiced Murder By Slitting Bunny Throats

larossi abballa

Where’s PETA?

ISIS jihadi Larossi Abballa practiced murder by slitting bunny throats.
New York Daily News reported:

Years before killing a French police commander and the cop’s girlfriend, ISIS terrorist Larossi Abballa joined fellow jihadists to start practicing murder — by slitting the throats of bunnies.

Abballa’s sickening history emerged in court documents this week, as police crack down on the slain terrorist’s associates one week after his deadly ambush.

Abballa, 25, stormed the suburban Paris house of police commander Jean-Baptiste Salvaing last Monday, fatally stabbing Salvaing before taking his girlfriend hostage and later killing her, too. The couple’s 3-year-old son was in the home, but not harmed.

After Abballa pledged allegiance to ISIS during a Facebook Live stream — and promised more terror attacks to come — police shot and killed him.

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