Orlando Chick-fil-A Opens on Sunday — To Feed Volunteers After #Pulse Gay Club Massacre

Chick-fil-A is not open on Sunday.
But this Sunday morning the Orlando Chick-fil-A opened for business to make some food for people waiting in line to donate blood after the #Pulse gay nightclub massacre.

The workers offered their time and chicken sandwiches to those people who came to offer life to the victims.

Todd Starnes at FOX News reported:


If you are Chick-fil-A you communicate love through a chicken sandwich.

And that brings me to a heartwarming story that has emerged from the aftermath of the Islamist terrorist attack in Orlando.

Now, I should tell you that the folks over at Chick-fil-A are going to be mighty upset with me. They did not want me to tell you what I’m about to tell you.

But it’s a story you really need to hear. It’s a story we all need to hear – a chicken sandwich for the soul kind of story.

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Normally Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday so workers can go to church or spend time with their families or just sit on the front porch in a rocking chair and wave to passersby.

So when I received word through some of our readers that several Chick-fil-A restaurants in Orlando had opened their doors on Sunday – I was a bit intrigued.

Hours after the gunman had massacred 49 people and wounded dozens more in the Pulse nightclub, the community sprang into action.

One of the most inspiring photographs showed hundreds and hundreds of people waiting in long lines – for hours to donate blood.

Team members at two nearby Chick-fil-A restaurants figured those folks must be getting hungry. So somebody flipped on the lights and they started frying chicken.

Before long they were serving sandwiches and nuggets and sweet tea to all the folks waiting to donate blood – along with a host of law enforcement personnel.

“We love our city and love the people in our community,” a team member wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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