Junk Scientists: Brexit Vote Imperils Global Warming


The global elites will stop at nothing…
According to the Scientific American junk scientists are concerned a Brexit vote will imperial global warming.
The Scientific American reported:

When British voters go to the polls Thursday to decide whether or not to withdraw from the European Union they may also be determining the fate of their country’s climate legacy and its burgeoning green technology industry.

That’s because if the United Kingdom exits the European Union following next week’s referendum it will go from being a dominant voice and second-largest economy in the 28-nation compact to being an outsider. As such, it will have to negotiate with Brussels for access to the European Union’s consumer and energy markets—a situation that opponents say will give the United Kingdom less power over its own destiny than it currently has.

“As Obama told them very clearly, you’re going to be a midsized economy in the middle of the Atlantic, and you’re not going to have the leverage you had as the 28 when you’re a one,” said Michelle Egan of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. “And I don’t think they realize that the other 27 have no reason to be nice in the negotiation.”

Mainstream think tanks in London and Washington, D.C., are largely in favor of the United Kingdom remaining part of the compact, but they acknowledge that the numbers don’t look good. The center-right London Evening Standard released polls this week giving a small but persistent edge to the “leavers” camp.

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