ISIS Releases Video of Jihadi Larossi Abballa After His Murder of French Police Officer and Wife

ISIS released video Tuesday of killer Larossi Abballa who stabbed a couple with ties to the French police.
isis killer video
This is a still taken from video released Tuesday June 14, 2015 by Islamic State’s Amaq news agency that it says is a video showing Larossi Abballa the suspect in the knifing of a French police couple confessing to the killings. (Epoch Times)

Larossi Abballa was under surveillance when the attack occurred on Monday.

Larossi promised that “Euro 2016” will be a graveyard.


Epoch Times reported:

An ISIS sympathizer who stabbed and killed a couple with ties to the French police had posted a video of the attack on Facebook.

The SITE Intelligence Group, which has tracked ISIS, said the suspect, Larossi Abballa, recorded a video of himself amid the attacks in Magnanville, a suburb of Paris. The website posted photos of him and said the ISIS’ Amaq news agency released his video, apparently as a form of propaganda.

In the video, according to SITE director Rita Katz, Abballa urged more attacks from Muslims in France, saying, “kill them even if their name is Mohammad or Aisha,” which are names commonly given to Muslims.

“Attack them, even if you die.Then you’ll go to Paradise,” he also stated.

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