WOW! After Bashing Trump for Months – Glenn Beck Now Predicts Donald Trump Will Be Next President (VIDEO)

On Thursday Glenn Beck joined Anderson Cooper on CNN to discuss the state of the Republican Party. This came after Glenn told his radio audience that efforts to oppose Trump may not succeed.

Beck announced several times this year he would not endorse or vote for Donald Trump.

beck trump cruz

Yet, after weeks of trashing Donald Trump Glenn Beck predicted Thursday Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

First of all, the country is not the country I thought it was. We are an angry country that is looking for someone to put the establishment in their place. And I think, I saw some of the exit polls, and I know West Virginia is a unique place but where you have 40% of the Bernie Sanders people saying they will vote for Donald Trump over Hillary. You have Democrats saying they will cross the line. If you have that, I think he just might win.

This comes two weeks after he smeared Cheetos all over his face to poke fun of Trump.

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