“Insane! Trump’s vehicles RAM through police barricade at high speed and speed out of downtown @ABC30 #TrumpFresno #ABC30Insider”

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Secret Service agents directing the motorcade carrying presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump apparently took evasive action after objects were thrown at the SUV carrying Trump as he departed the Selland Arena in Fresno, California on Friday. Video and online reporting posted by a local TV station shows the Trump motorcade barreling through a police barricade at such a high rate of speed that a shocked reporter said ‘hundreds could have been killed or injured’ by the maneuver.

Video by ABC30 reporter Veronica Miracle shows objects being thrown by protesters hitting the Trump motorcade as the convoy departs Selland Arena.

Moments later fellow ABC30 reporter Jessica Peres posted her shocked reaction to Twitter as Trump’s motorcade apparently took evasive action.

“Insane! Trump’s vehicles RAM through police barricade at high speed and speed out of downtown @ABC30 #TrumpFresno #ABC30Insider”

“Honestly, hundreds of people could have gotten hurt or killed with way @realDonaldTrump sped out of downtown, smashing into police barricade”

Video posted by ABC30 indeed shows the Trump motorcade blasting through the police barricade and blowing by a police car parked in the middle of the intersection the destroyed barricade was blocking. Trump motorcade vehicles can then be seen dodging or running over traffic cones in the middle of the road as the convoy passed by more parked police cars.


It appears there was a security failure by allowing a horde of anti-Trump protesters with a history of violence across the state and nation to gather en masse within feet of Trump’s departing motorcade at a vulnerable point as it crept out of the service entrance for the arena and had to make a hard turn off a driveway exit ramp. The apparent high-speed detour through the police line moments later seems to have been a corrective action.

UPDATE: KBFK-AM/FM reported the protesters tried to block the driveway exit for Trump’s motorcade and assaulted a Trump supporter:

“The protest grew to between 200 and 300 people, who marched all around the arena and tried to block the driveway where the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee’s motorcade rolled out, only to be moved out of the way by Fresno Police.

“James Rummell was trying to walk from the rally to his car when he was surrounded by some of the protesters, who threw trash and took his hat. “They kicked me, they hit me,” Rummell says, “These are the kind of people…I’m not a Donald Trump really super supporter, but this is why I’m going to vote for Donald Trump, because of these idiots.”

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