OUTRAGEOUS! Paul Ryan to NRA Convention: We ‘Must Not’ Elect Hillary in November …But He Won’t Endorse Trump

Paul Ryan, did not make it to the NRA-ILA Convention this year.
He sent in a three minute video instead.

paul ryan nra 

Speaker Ryan told the NRA members,  

“I’m with you in spirit… We are in the fight of our lives where some want to fundamentally change our freedoms and future as we know it.

Ryan then railed on Obama for a couple minutes before turning his attention to Hillary Clinton and how important it is to make sure she does not win:


“Friends and fellow NRA members, we are facing a critical time in our history. Everything is on the line in this election. It will have long term implications for the future of American liberty, including our Second Amendment freedoms. If Hillary Clinton is elected in November, she will try to radically try to transform our country into something we no longer recognize. So we must work diligently to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

But Speaker Ryan still won’t endorse Donald Trump. 

The NRA endorsed Trump yesterday.
trump nra
Trump is the first candidate ever to be endorsed by the NRA before the GOP convention.
Hat Tip Bev

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