Mizzou Enrollment Plummets More Than Expected After #BlackLivesMatter Race Protests

In November angry race protesters at the University of Missouri in Columbia forced the campus president and chancellor to resign.

protest mizzou
Admissions to the university are down this year by 1,500 students after the Black Lives Matter race protests last year.
The University of Missouri announced in April it will close two dorms in the fall semester.

But it’s worse than they thought…
Enrollment at Mizzou next fall fell by 22% after the far left protests.
StL Today reported:


The University of Missouri will have the smallest class of new students this fall since 2006, according to recent projections that show the loss of new enrollments could be 50 percent or higher than previous predictions.

The interim vice provost for enrollment management says that as of last week, more than 4,700 students had paid a $300 enrollment deposit, which was refundable through Sunday. That’s a more than 22 percent decline from this year’s total of nearly 6,200 students.

This fall’s enrollment will include about 4,800 new freshmen if the projected pattern holds. The university enrolled just more than that amount in fall 2006.

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