On Memorial Day – Please Remember Sgt Derrick Miller Who Sits in Leavenworth for Killing Taliban Operative

derrick miller
Sgt. Derrick Miller

As Obama continues to release Islamic terrorists right and left out of Gitmo, he never mentions our Sons who were sentenced to prison in Leavenworth for their defensive actions on the same battlefield.

Several patriotic military mothers, including Bev Perlson, succeeded in the case of Michael Behenna, with much help from an Oklahoma delegation of Republicans who supported his release. Behenna was jailed for five years for killing an al-Qaeda operative. He was released from prison in 2014.


Now after two years of meetings with Congressman Cummings’ office and other Maryland lawmakers, Cummings is finally talking with Congressman Rangel’s office in hopes of getting the Congressional Black Caucus to pen a letter to Obama and the Army, requesting a pardon or reduction in the life sentence of Sgt. Derrick Miller.

Derrick’s lawyer, Colby Vokey, has also sent a packet to Obama and Army asking for pardons of several of our Sons sitting in Leavenworth.

taliban us sgt
Sgt. Derrick Miller remains in jail as Obama prepares to release 24 of the worst terrorists from Gitmo.

Sgt. Miller was jailed for killing a Taliban operative who tried to grab his gun.
DC Exposed reported:

In September 2010, twenty-eight year old Sgt. Derrick Miller, of Hagerstown, Maryland, took part in a combat mission in an area of Afghanistan known to be a Taliban stronghold. An Afghan national who had penetrated a defense perimeter set up by the US Army was brought to Sgt. Miller’s attention by one of the soldiers under his command. This soldier recognized the man from a security checkpoint one day prior. He positively identified him as the driver of a truck which Miller’s security detachment had searched. That search revealed the vehicle was transporting armed combatants to a nearby firefight. Derrick’s men were, at that time, instructed to let the vehicle pass because of instructions handed down by his superiors in command at the time.

The Afghan man appeared to be gathering information, thus portraying suspicious behavior, ultimately leading to Sgt. Miller being sent to question him. At this time he was already confirmed to be an enemy combatant.

The questioning took place in an open area with another soldier and an Afghan interpreter present. During questioning, Sgt. Miller asked the man why he was within the perimeter. As the man began to speak, his story changed, not once, but twice. He originally claimed to be there to fix a power line that was down. Later he claimed he was there to fix a water pump.

Originally he was seen accompanied by two men whom he claimed to be his sons and helpers. However, both of these men left the perimeter without performing any work, and going separate directions to their village. These men were not present during Sgt. Miller’s questioning. While questioning the insurgent things began to get heated. The Afghan insurgent attempted to grab Sgt. Miller’s weapon, ultimately leading to him being shot and killed in the struggle.

The military has since identified the deceased as Atta Mohammed, but his name was not used in court.

The two men who escaped were later believed to have been carrying back detailed information to the insurgents with details as to how to most effectively attack.

Today Bev Perlson is hoping Mr. Trump will speak to this issue and at the very least, comment that when he becomes President.

Bev writes:

I can tell you Americans out here in the homeland are outraged as the terrorists continue to be released and there is no relief for our Sons. I think Mr. Trump would garner tremendous support if he took a position on this and let the American people know our Sons deserve to go home too.

Jim, there isn’t any road I won’t go down to try and help these Warriors. Hoping you might consider letting the Trump campaign know about this injustice.

Please keep Sgt. Miller in your thoughts and prayers today.

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