SENIOR SENATE SOURCE: Paul Ryan’s Hesitation to Endorse Trump Is Costing Party Valuable Fundraising Time (VIDEO)

FOX Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs destroyed Speaker Paul Ryan tonight in his nightly commentary.

ryan disses trump

Lou Dobbs: A few thoughts on the increasingly isolated and clearly politically perplexed Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan is beginning to make Hamlet look broad-minded, strong willed and decisive… He’s been left breathless and uncertain as to whether he should be part of that unity he himself calls for… A senior GOP senate source says RYan’s hesitation is costing the party valuable fundraising time needed for what will be needed to battle Democrats in the fall.

In my opinion, Ryan has become a caricature of himself who has won favor with Democrats by collaborating with Mr. Obama than anything he’s done for the Republican Congress.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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