SICK. Liberal’s Argue Trump’s Rhetoric Is Making Children Mean …But Kids Screaming ‘F*ck Trump’ Is OK

trump mean kids

It Begins.
Pro-Hillary website Think Progress, founded by former Hillary Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta, is now blaming Donald Trump for mean kids.

The anti-Christian hate website Southern Poverty Law Center released a study that claims Trump is turning children into bullies.

Immigrant and Muslim students around the country are experiencing high levels of anxiety and more bullying from their peers as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s inflammatory campaign makes its way into classrooms. Trump’s unapologetic anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric has created a “Trump effect” leading to increased bullying, harassment, and intimidation of students whose race, religions, or nationalities have been the verbal targets, according to a Southern Poverty Law Center and Teaching Tolerance report.

But, of course, kids screaming “F*ck Trump” is OK.


And kids screaming “F*ck you” at Trump supporters is also OK.
mexican kids flip bird trump

Got it?

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