Hypocrite Obama Bars Illegal Alien Parents of Child Amnesty Activist from White House

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with child amnesty activist Sophie Cruz at the White House on Thursday as part of a celebration of the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo–but Obama barred six-year-old Sophie’s illegal alien parents from joining her at the White House because of their immigration status.

Sophie became world-famous last year when she was used for a publicity stunt by a pro-amnesty group in which she rushed the motorcade of Pope Francis in Washington, D.C. to personally lobby the Pope for help in pushing amnesty.

Obama has made a mockery of immigration laws by granting temporary amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens while gutting border and interior enforcement. Yet Obama declined to intervene and grant a waiver to Sophie’s parents so they could join their daughter at the White House.

The Washington Post stayed with Sophie’s parents while their daughter was in the White House:

On the screen of her pink iPhone, Zoyla Cruz watched her young daughter ogle the desserts being served Thursday at the White House celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Six-year-old Sophie — known around the world for darting past security to reach Pope Francis last fall — was invited to the event as a “champion of immigration reform,” the White House said. Her parents, two of this country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, were not permitted to accompany her because of their immigration status.

So while Sophie squealed in delight about the performance of the Mexican rock band Maná at the presidential mansion, her parents waited for her at a restaurant a block away.

“It breaks my heart,” Zoyla Cruz said in Spanish, teary at missing her little girl’s latest moment in the spotlight. “I’m dying. Imagine all those families separated by deportation.”

Zoyla and Raul Cruz crossed the border from Mexico a decade ago in search of economic opportunity. He works in a Los Angeles factory; she was a retail cashier before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Because of Sophie, who was born in California, and 2-year-old Sahara, they would probably qualify for deportation relief under a program proposed by President Obama that is under review by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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