Hah! Liar Michelle Fields Gets Job at Huffington Post – Says She’s Going to Cover Trump Campaign Again

In April a Florida State’s Attorney dropped bogus charges against Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski brushed by and touched reporter Michelle Fields in a press scrum after Donald Trump’s victory speech in Jupiter, Florida in early March.

Fields immediately ran to the media and later pressed charges against Lewandowski for touching her.


Fields also said she never heard from Lewandowski — BUT THAT WAS NOT TRUE.

fields apology corey call

Corey Lewandowski also provided attorneys with his phone record to show he tried to contact Fields.

Video later showed nothing happened – Fields did not flinch, her facial expression never changed when Lewandowski passed by her.

Her bogus charges were thrown out of court.

During this media stunt Michelle Fields quit her job at Breitbart.com.

Today Fields announced she was hired by far left media outlet Huffington Post.
michelle fields huffpo

Does she really think the Trump campaign will let her anywhere near the candidate?

Mike Cernovich weighed in…

Progressives Today added this…

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