Hah-Hah! As Expected, Hoaxer Michelle Fields Pushes Bogus Lewandowski Incident to Hawk New Book

In April a Florida State’s Attorney dropped bogus charges against Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski brushed by and touched Michelle Fields in a press scrum after Donald Trump’s victory speech in Jupiter, Florida in early March.

Fields immediately ran to the media and later pressed charges against Lewandowski.


Fields said she’d be OK with a simple apology from Corey Lewandowski.
Fields also said she never heard from Lewandowski — BUT THAT WAS NOT TRUE.

fields apology corey call

Video later showed nothing happened – Fields did not flinch, her facial expression never changed when Lewandowski passed by her.

Corey Lewandowski also provided attorneys with his phone record to show he tried reaching out to Fields.
But Corey told CNN she had other plans.

Now Michelle Fields is pushing the bogus assault charges to hawk her new book.
Gee, who would have predicted this?

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