Glenn Beck: Voting for Lying Sociopath Like Trump Brings Eternal Consequences (Video)

Glenn has lost his mind.
Let’s hope he can snap out of it.
beck trump cruz
Glenn Beck told his audience Friday that voting for Donald Trump could bring eternal damnation.

We’re going to die and meet our Maker and He’s going to say, “Let me see the evidence on you.” Because we were born at this time in this country because everyone of us is warriors. We don’t think of ourselves as this but we are. And too many of us gave up. Too many of us, we had it within our grasp and we gave up and gave in to anger. And, you just ask yourself. I have to present my case to the Lord. Your signature is on a piece of paper with a guy who’s not only a liar he is serial philanderer, I believe. Look up narcissist sociopath… The same damn thing everyone says before they elect a madman.

Glenn wants Hillary as president – really bad!

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