TRUMP DESTROYS Today Show Host For Playing Garbled Audio from 25 Years Ago in Attempted Hit Piece (VIDEO)

The liberal Washington Post, owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, released a garbled audio today purporting to be Donald Trump from a 1991 recording.

The Bezos Media hopes this will damage Trump with voters.
The Today Show played this for Trump today.
He denied it was him.

trump today show

AND — in Typical Trump Style — Destroyed Today Show host Savannah Guthrie in the process.

Donald Trump: It sounds like one of the many scams. I have no idea. It doesn’t sound like me on the phone… And, when was this? 25 year ago?

Savannah Guthrie: In the early 90s but…

Donald Trump: Wow. Wow, you mean you’re going going so low to talk about something that happened 25 years ago about whether or not I made a phone call? I guess you said under a presumed name.

Guthrie: Yes.

Trump: OK. The answer’s no and let’s get on to more current subjects. “

That didn’t work out as planned. Did it, Savannah?

Here’s the video…

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