The Argument Is Over: The Republican Party Is the True Party of Diversity

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Guest post by Katie

Yesterday I had lunch with a family friend. Both of us have been involved in Republican politics for decades. We talked about the primary process, who we may have backed at the beginning, how we feel about Trump as the nominee, various specific platform issues.

As we talked I was struck by something…. we disagree on a fair number of issues. She is pro-choice, I am pro-life. We both were leaning toward different potential candidates. Yet we still see ourselves in the same party, on the same “team”. We were both struck by, and proud of, our field of candidates that consisted of both sexes, various races, various religious approaches (some more private, some very public) different backgrounds, ages, career paths. In comparison the progressive offerings are all white, mostly old, mostly career politicians.

It’s funny that progressives and the MSM successfully, but falsely, smear Republicans as lacking diversity at all levels when progressives are the ones that not only lack diversity in their leadership levels, you are kicked off the progressive planation for diversity of thought.

The only diversity they offer is levels of extremism of progressive positions.

Our primary process showed different views on what should be priorities, how they should be addressed. The differences between, say Kasich and Cruz, are huge. And we allow and encourage that. She and I disagree on probably as many things as we agree on, yet there is room for both of us in the party.

Ask yourself what kind of reception a pro-life democrat gets. Or a democrat that wants to address illegal immigration. Diversity of opinion is not allowed in the new Democrat-Socialist Party.

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