TRUMP EFFECT: Mexican Reporter Credits Trump for Mexico Replacing US Ambassador After Seven Months

The government of Mexico announced on Tuesday it was changing ambassadors to the United States after the current one had only served for seven months; and at the same time was appointing a public relations ‘wiz’to “strengthen” Mexico’s image in the U.S. and Canada–moves that a prominent Mexican journalist credited to leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump has made changing relations with Mexico from the status quo of de facto open borders that facilitates illegal immigration and criminal activity and unbalanced trade that favors Mexico a hallmark of his campaign. His blunt language has inflamed passions among many Mexicans while resonating with fed-up Americans.

José Díaz-Briseño posted comments to Twitter on the unusual timing of the appointments by Mexico, noting that the current ambassador had predicted back in August that Trump would apologize to Mexico; a prediction that has not come true.

“1st to leave so soon in decades: Mexico removes Ambassador to USA after 7 months in post; @realDonaldTrump can claim he’s having an effect”

“Amid Trump’s antiMX campaign, MX Gov removes Ambassador to the US, installs PR wiz @paulocarreno in charge US policy”

“Mexico just removed its Ambassador to the USA who in August 2015 predicted that Trump would apologize to Mexicans…”

EFE reported (via Fox News Latino) on a statement by the Mexican government announcing the appointments.

President Enrique Peña Nieto has named Carlos Manuel Sada to be Mexico’s new ambassador to the United States, succeeding Miguel Basañez, who was appointed to his post just seven months ago, the Foreign Relations Secretariat said Tuesday.

Sada, who currently serves as Mexico’s consul in Los Angeles, “has extensive experience in consular work and in protecting the rights of Mexicans in the United States,” as well as in defending the country’s interests abroad, the secretariat said in a statement.

…”The Foreign Relations Secretariat did not say why Basañez was being replaced, but it announced the appointment of presidential country brand adviser and foreign media coordinator Jose Paulo Carreño King as undersecretary for North America, replacing Carlos Perez Verdia.

The two appointments “are part of an integrated strategy that the Mexican government is implementing to strengthen relations, promotion and the image of our country in Canada and the United States,” the secretariat said.”

José Díaz-Briseño bio and LinkedIn profile state he served as the Washington, D.C. correspondent for Mexico City’s Reforma newpsaper from 2005 to 2012 followed by three years as MundoFox’s D.C. correspondent. Díaz-Briseño was born and raised in Mexico City.

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