BOOM! Trump Advisor Stephen Miller: “Cruz Doesn’t Win with Voters, Cruz Wins with Party Insiders” (Video)

Trump Campaign Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller joined America’s Newsroom this morning to discuss the Colorado voter-less delegate scam and the state of the race for the Republican nomination.

stephen miller

Stephen Miller may be the brightest official inside of politics today. The former Jeff Sessions’ staffer joined the Trump campaign in January. Miller went on America’s Newsroom today to discuss the Colorado voter-less scam and the current state of the GOP race for president.

This was another excellent interview by Stephen Miller.


The most wrong thing about it, of course, is that Colorado canceled their election so there wasn’t even a vote of the actual residents of Colorado. You have soldiers, men and women who fought from Colorado, who fought in Iraq so they could vote – Remember the purple fingers – Those same soldiers from Colorado couldn’t vote on presidential contests. But, I also saw, firsthand, Trump delegates missing from ballots, numbers on ballots that didn’t correspond with names, Cruz delegates that were double counted. All of this chaos that conveniently went down to the benefit of Ted Cruz…

…A news organization tweeted out a ballot that had a Cruz delegate that was counted twice. That was one of many irregularities…

…One of the big media myths that I’d like to bust today – Cruz isn’t winning more delegates because of a superior organization. Cruz is winning more delegates because of inferior ideas. In other words, Trump is challenging 40 years of failed orthodoxy on trade and immigration. So he threatens established interests. Cruz doesn’t. Cruz is with the donor class on trade and immigration. Three in four delegates are chosen by the party. So they are going to tend to favor Ted Cruz… Cruz performs better with party insiders. Trump performs better with voters… Cruz doesn’t win with voters. Cruz wins with party insiders.

If I were Senator Cruz I wouldn’t be crowing about winning a voter-less election.


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