US Islamic Scholar Agrees with Ted Cruz’s Pastor Buddy – Says “All Gays Must Die” (VIDEO)

In November Senator Ted Cruz appeared at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa, where he courted the support of the conference’s organizer, Colorado-based pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson.

pastor swanson

Cruz was introduced on the stage by Pastor Kevin Swanson – after he called for the execution of gays earlier at the conference.

Kevin Swanson: Yes, Romans Chapter 1 verse 32 the Apostle Paul does says that homosexuals are worthy of death. His words not mine! And I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God. And I am willing to go to jail…

Now my friends let me introduce to you the next candidate for the office of President of the United States, folks please make welcome Senator Ted Cruz.

That seems a bit extreme. No?
It ought to go over well during a general election… No?


Now an Islamic Scholar agrees with Ted’s pastor buddy and says “all gays must die.”

Maybe Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar and Pastor Swanson can hold a joint conference on killing gays?
Ted Cruz can come speak.

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