Footage Surfaces of Bernie Sanders Praising COMMUNIST BREAD LINES (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Bernie Sanders breadlines

John Stossel of the FOX Business Network recently interviewed Michael Moynihan of the Daily Beast on the subject of Bernie Sanders and his past statements on Socialist and Communist regimes.

Towards the end of the video below, Sanders is shown on camera praising Communist bread lines as a good thing.


From The Libertarian Republic:

Video Surfaces of Bernie Sanders Praising Breadlines and Food Rationing

Vermont’s Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has sought to separate his views from those of tyrannical socialist regimes throughout history. The problem is that back in the 1980’s Sanders was outspoken in his support of communist dictator Fidel Castro as well as the Soviet-aligned Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

In fact, recently discovered video shows Sanders praising food lines as a good thing. Sanders asserts that countries where people don’t line up for food that the poor are starving to death because “the rich get all the food.”

Watch the video:

Considering how many people died under Socialism and Communism through outright murder or starvation, it’s an insult to the American people that this man’s candidacy is being taken seriously by anyone.

food line-venezuela
Food lines in Socialist Venezuela.

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