FL Prosecutor Aronberg: No Charges Against Corey Lewandowski “Her Phone Did Not Show Any Bruising”

Hillary supporting Prosecutor Dave Aronberg will not charge Corey Lewandowski with battery assault charges against Michelle Fields.
corey fields

This office never charged Lewandowski despite media reports.

Aronberg: “It is unethical for us to file cases when we believe there is not a good-faith basis to proceed.”


Here is the full statement.

Michelle Fields touched Trump’s arm. Trump pulled it away. Corey Lewandowski moved to pull Fields back(?)

Fields broke the protective bubble of presidential candidate Donald Trump.
It’s not uncommon for a staff member to assist a candidate.

Law enforcement arrests are based on probable cause.
Lewandowski has a reasonable cause of innocence.

State Attorney: “We did not see any bruising on her phone”

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