EXCLUSIVE VIDEO=> As Seen on Hannity – Red Commies Protest TRUMP in New York City

George Soros-funded MoveOn.org organized a protest and march last week in New York City. The protesters marched from Times Square to the Grand Hyatt Hotel where all three remaining GOP candidates attended the New York Republican dinner.

Filmmakers Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal were at the Trump protest march in New York.

From Rebel Pundit:


#NeverTrump protesters from across the political spectrum, from red star communists to republican supporters of Ted Cruz stood together against Donald Trump with open calls for “revolution, nothing less.”

Protesters held mass produced signs and plastic, petroleum based noise makers shipped in from CHINA.

Protesters hung a Trump effigy from a rope outside the GOP New York State Dinner.

They beat up Trump impersonator with a foam bat.

Of course, if Republicans ever did anything like this against a Democrat it would make national headlines.

Monday night on Hannity Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus will release their video from the Marxist anti-Trump protests in New York City.
Via Rebel Pundit:

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