Corey Lewandowski: I Called Michelle Fields – “Seems She Wanted to Inject Herself in the Story” (VIDEO)

On Thursday a Florida State’s Attorney dropped bogus charges against Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski brushed by and touched Michelle Fields in a press scrum after Donald Trump’s victory speech in Jupiter, Florida in early March.

Fields immediately ran to the media and later pressed charges against Lewandowski.

Fields said she’d be OK with a simple apology from Corey Lewandowski.
Fields also said she never heard from Lewandowski — BUT THAT WAS NOT TRUE.

fields apology corey call

Video later showed nothing happened – Fields did not flinch, her facial expression never changed when Lewandowski passed by her.

Corey Lewandowski also provided attorneys with his phone record to show he tried reaching out to Fields.
But Corey told CNN she had other plans.

Corey Lewandowski says she wanted to inject herself into making the non-event a story.
And she tried to destroy an innocent man in the process.

Corey Lewandowski: I’ve never met her before and the only time I interacted with her before was on the videotape. And, three seconds may sound like a long time but it was a brief interaction and it wasn’t memorable to me and I’m sorry about that. But, that evening after I read her boyfriend’s Twitter account saying that something had occurred I made a phone call to Michelle and I never heard back and to this day I’ve never heard back from her. So it’s not that we didn’t reach out to get to the bottom of it, it seems that she wanted to inject herself into making it a story. And, now I’m glad the story’s over.

Chris Cuomo: She said she never heard from you. She said this apology thing never happened. Is she going to hear from you again?

Corey Lewandowski: Well, you know, here’s what I said. I have no reason to hate anybody and what I want to do is bring everybody together and move on past this. You know if we want to be successful as a campaign and as a party we want to bring everybody together.

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