Trump on Reported Assault on Breitbart Reporter: “Perhaps She Made The Story Up” (VIDEO)

UPDATES with new video appended at end of report. Following Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate on CNN, CNN’s Dylan Byers asked leading GOP candidate Donald Trump about the charge by Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields that she had been grabbed on the arm and left with a bruise by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski when she asked Trump a question following a press conference Tuesday night.

Trump told Byers he did not witness anything and that the Secret Service told him no such incident took place.

“#Break: Donald Trump just told me he thinks that the Michelle Fields incident didn’t happen. “I think they made it up.””

Byers also confronted Lewandowski, who deflected the question according to Byers.

“I asked Corey Lewandowski just now if he touched @MichelleFields at rally. He didn’t answer, said “I’m going to work with Mr. Trump tonight””

Byers posted a transcript of Trump’s comments.

Byers also retweeted CNN video of Trump commenting.

“VIDEO: Trump to @DylanByers on @MichelleFields incident. “I think she made it up.””

Earlier Thursday the Trump campaign issued a statement denying the incident and challenging the credibility of Fields.

In response Fields posted a photo of a bruised forearm.

“I guess these just magically appeared on me @CLewandowski_ @realDonaldTrump. So weird.”

TGP contributor Kristinn Taylor attended the press conference Tuesday and filed a report about the alleged incident with what appears to be the only video from that night of Lewandowski cutting off press questions to Trump after the press conference.

UPDATE: Lewandowski commented to Fields directly via Twitter early Friday morning Eastern Time.

“@MichelleFields you are totally delusional. I never touched you. As a matter of fact, I have never even met you.”

Lewandowski also retweeted a 25-second video taken by reporter Kathleen Walter with WPEC-TV of Trump taking more questions from reporters outside the ballroom following his press conference Tuesday night. Michelle Fields appears to be behind Trump’s right shoulder. The clip ends before Fields speaks.

The video shows the foyer to be well-lit and filled with reporters taking still pictures and video.

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