Report: One-Third of States Have Immigrant Population Over 15%

Washington’s Planned Destruction of America—
Democrats, with the assistance of big government Republicans have flooded America with tens of millions of new immigrants.
One third of American states today have an immigrant population over 15 percent.

In 1970 no states has immigrant population over 15 percent.

In 1970 the US debt was $370 billion.
In 2016 the US debt is $18.8 trillion.


immigrant us population

Six US states have an immigrant population over 25 percent.
The Washington Examiner reported:

One third of the nation’s 50 states now have immigrant populations over 15 percent, with six over 25 percent, raising new questions about the country’s ability to absorb the immigrant flood in schools and the job market, a new report on government immigration data said.

The new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the 61 million immigrants and their children now in America revealed the speed at how the nation’s population has changed since 1970.

According to interactive maps unveiled Monday by CIS, there were no states in 1970 that recorded immigrant populations over 15 percent. Today one third of the nation’s states register over 15 percent immigrant: California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Oregon.

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