Women’s College Student President ALERTS POLICE After “Trump 2016” Drawn on Marker Board, Calls it “Racist Act”

Trump Derangement Syndrome–

Last week the Emory University president Jim Wagner met with traumatized students at Emory University after “Donald Trump 2016” was written in chalk on the sidewalk.

This week the student president of Scripps College called police after “Trump 2016” was written on a marker board.
Minjoo Kim called the incident “racist… violence.”
trump scripps board


So this is the type of nonsense they are pushing in American universities these days.
We’re rearing a generation of pansies.

Evidently, supporting the Republican front-runner is now a hate crime on college campuses.
The College Fix reported

Scripps College’s student president says she alerted campus police after “#trump2016” was found scrawled on a dorm room door, calling it “racist … violence,” according to an email she sent to the campus community, a copy of which was circulated Saturday on social media.

“This morning, a Mexican-American Scripps student woke up to find her whiteboard vandalized with the phrase ‘#Trump 2016,’” Minjoo Kim, student body president, said in her March 26 email.

“This racist act is completely unacceptable,” Kim continued. “Regardless of your political party, this intentional violence committed directly to a student of color proves to be another testament that racism continues to be an undeniable problem and alarming threat on our campuses.”

Kim refers to the fact that Scripps College, a women’s college, is part of the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of five undergraduate liberal arts colleges in Southern California.

Kim’s email went on to say “campus safety has been notified and we hope to find the person responsible so they can be held accountable for their actions. … Mental and emotional health of our students are our top concern.”

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