MUST-SEE=> Greta DESTROYS ‘Conservative’ Female Cruz Supporters for Demanding Lewandowski Be Fired!

A group of self-righteous Ted Cruz supporters released a prepared statement today demanding Donald Trump fire Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski for allegedly assaulting reporter Michelle Fields when he walked past her at a Trump event in Jupiter, Florida.


Lewandowski was charged with “battery” for allegedly assaulting the former Breitbart reporter.

These Cruz supporters signed a letter today demanding that Lewandowski be fired.
corey letter cruzers


It was also discovered that at least 14 of the 16 women support Ted Cruz.
Via Brett MacDonald:
For the most part they are part of the #NeverTrump crowd.
cruz trump corey gals

Tonight Greta Van Susteren lambasted these “conservative” women who signed on to this outrageous letter.

“Two things. One, Lewandowski hasn’t even had a trial and they’re calling for his head. Yes, they’ve tried and convicted him. And, second, each of these women has now shot herself in the foot. How can any one of them continue to cover the presidential race by not waiting for the DA’s decision to try the case or not, or waiting for a jury verdict but instead by taking sides in such a public way.

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