Judge Napolitano on Michelle Fields: She’s “Out on a Tree” “Most Judges Would Dismiss” Outright (AUDIO)

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Jamie Allman Wednesday morning on 97.1 FM in St. Louis.
jamie allman

Judge Napolitano argued that Michelle Fields is “out of her tree” if she thinks the battery charges will stick against Corey Lewandowski.

“I know Michelle Fields. I know her well. And I like her. I know Donald Trump. I have a financial relationship with him. I’m not a Trump spokesperson or apologist. I don’t know Corey Lewandowski. I read the complaint. I read her version of events. I read his version of events. I’ve watched the tapes until I’m blue in the face. There’s no criminal behavior here and this should be dismissed. This is not a case for the police and prosecutors. If Michelle Fields feels that she was harmed by something that he did then she should sue him civilly. But to involve police and prosecutorial authorities in what was in effectively the morally equivalent of being jostled in a New York City subway, it’s absurd, and most judges would dismiss this without even requiring him to appear… ”

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