It Begins… Anti-Trump Right-Leaning Website Posts Article Promotes Bribery of Delegates? (Updated)

It begins.
Anti-Trump right-leaning websites are encouraging Super PACs or individual donors to bribe Trump delegates for their vote.

HotAir, part of the anti-Trump Townhall network, is promoting bribery of Republican delegates to the RNC convention.

How to steal a nomination from Donald Trump
By Sasha Issenberg
bribery gop delegates


Sasha Issenberg is author of The Victory Lab: The Secret to Winning Campaigns.
We now know that, according to Sacha, the secret to winning is a good bribe.

UPDATE— I heard from a friend at HotAir. They are not endorsing this article posted on their website.

Our headlines are just links to all sorts of articles of interest. Linking it doesn’t mean we’re PROMOTING it. We are not endorsing bribery of any kind.

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