Hillary’s Response to Brussels Bombings: Waterboarding Doesn’t Work… “It Puts Our Soldiers and Civilians in Danger” (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton called in to Good Morning America this morning after the ISIS bombings in Brussels.

30 people were murdered in bomb blasts at the Brussels airport and Metro station.
brussels bomb

In response to the attacks Hillary Clinton told GMA waterboarding doesn’t work and it puts our soldiers and civilians in danger(?)


George Stephanopoulos: We just heard from Donald Trump tell us moments ago that he would expand the laws here at home so that someone like Abdelsalem was in custody here he could be waterboarded. Your response?

Hillary Clinton: Well, you know, that is just another one of his claims that doesn’t bear up. Our best and bravest intel and military leaders will tell you torture’s not effective. It puts soldiers and our own civilians in danger.

What babbling nonsense.
And, this loon wants to be president?

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