Ted Cruz Infidelity Update=> National Enquirer Parent Company Refutes Cruz – Trump Had Nothing to Do With Our Story

The National Enquirer published a story this week accusing Texas Senator Ted Cruz of multiple extramarital affairs.

On Friday Ted Cruz blamed Donald Trump and his former consultant Roger Stone for the National Enquirer article on his alleged extramarital affairs.
cruz national enquirer

Ted Cruz Cruz told reporters in Wisconsin the story was “all lies.” Cruz then went on to blame the article on Donald Trump and his “henchmen.” Cruz argued Roger Stone has been forwarding the article today on the internet. He thinks Trump campaign is behind this story. Cruz also said the publisher of the National Enquirer is a friend of Donald Trump’s.


But these rumors did not start with Donald Trump.

** The rumors were started by the Rubio Campaign and anti-Trump GOP elites.

On Friday the parent company for National Enquirer refuted Ted Cruz.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The National Enquirer’s parent company, AMI, also released a statement.

“No one influences the reporting that the National Enquirer does other than our own reporters and editors,” according to the statement. “We stand by the integrity of our coverage and remain committed to our aggressive reporting on such an important topic. The National Enquirer, more than any other publication, has been unflinching in its reporting on the 2016 presidential candidates.”

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